Nongnooch Tropical Garden


*** Children height between 90-140 Cm. for THAI ***

*** Children height between 90-130 Cm. for FOREIGNER ***

Elephant Riding 20 minutes
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Nongnooch Tropical Garden is One of the most beautiful garden in the world Presently is a very
popular tourist attraction with an area of over 672 acres welcoming tourists from all over the world. We
have variety gardens such as Garden in the sky, Cactus garden, Dinosaurs valley etc. The garden also has
many type of meeting hall supporting any activities such as the biggest one Nongnooch International
Convention and Exhibition Center (NICE).

HOUR: 08.00 a.m.-06.00 p.m.


Saturday,Sunday and public holidays only 1 time a day : Carnival Show 11.30 a.m.

Daily : Cultural Show & Elephant Show 1:30 p.m.


A- Admission Fee

B- Admission Fee + Sight-seeing Bus

C- Admission Fee + Thai Lunch

D- Admission Fee + Sight-seeing Bus + Thai Lunch

E- Admission Fee + Show

F- Admission Fee + Sight-seeing Bus + Show

G- Admission Fee + Thai Lunch + Show

H-Admission Fee + Sight-seeing Bus + Thai Lunch + Show

Elephant Riding 20 minutes



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Elephant Riding 20 minutes, Package A, Package B, Package C, Package D, Package E, Package F, Package G, Package H


Foreigner Adult, Foreigner Child, THAI Adult, THAI Child


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