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Cashew Nut Story

Cashew nut, common name Cashew, Cashew Nut (Cash Chun Nut) and scientific name Anacardium occidentale has the effect of Chomphu and cashew nuts in a kidney form extending from Chomphu again . Same as mango Nowadays, it is widely distributed in the tropical region. In the past, it was grown in the south of Thailand. First planted in the south of the year 2444 by Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahisornphakdi (Kos Simby Na Ranong) is a plant with high nutritional value. The magnesium from cashews can help to lower blood pressure. With easily digested proteins Unsaturated fat, when consumed, will not increase the fat in the blood vessels, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B, E and minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron.

Cashew is a evergreen tree that is about 6-12 meters high, spreading branches around 4-10 meters wide, with short, irregular branches. The leaves are arranged in a spiral shape, smooth surface, curved, smooth edges, length 4-22 cm and width 2-15 cm, each flower at first has a pale green color. From then, the bright color is red. There are 5 petals, pointed, tapering 7-15 millimeters long.

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